Guide n° 06 La Charente

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The Charente between Angoulême and the sea, the river Boutonne.

  • 21 x 29,7 cm - 80 pages
  • ISBN 2-913120-65-2
  • Last updated 2020

The Charente is a coastal river 361 km long, navigable between Angoulême and the sea. For the purposes of our guide, we have divided it into two sections: the canalised section between Angoulême and Saint-Savinien and the free flowing river between Saint-Savinien and the sea. Inland waterways craft can go as far downstream as Rochefort but between Rochefort and the sea you are on maritime waters.

With the exception of the lock at Saint-Savinien, the 20 locks are self-operated. They are not deep and are easy to handle. You may even be helped in summer by young amateur lock-keepers looking for some pocket money.

The river is well managed by the Departmentan councils of the Charente and the Charente-Maritime. It is rarely closed to navigation, even during the driest periods but the available draft upstream from Jarnac can be limited in mid-summer.

We have added a map of the River Boutonne which used to be navigable as far as Saint-Jean d’Angely. With very little effort, this navigation could be reopened……..Perhaps, one day !