Guide n° 08 La Sambre

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Le canal de la Sambre à l’Oise, le canal du Centre, le canal Nimy-Blaton-Péronnes, le canal de Charleroi à Bruxelles

  • 21 x 29,7 cm - 96 pages
  • ISBN 2-913120-73-3
  • Last updated 2022

From the Oise to the Sambre. In this guide we will lead you from Chauny on the canal de Saint-Quentin towards the valley of the Sambre in Belgium. To do this we will follow the Oise valley up to the summit pound before going down the river Sambre to the city of Namur where it joins the Meuse.
This voyage is only possible since July 2021 when the Canal from the Sambre to the Oise, which had been closed to navigation since 2005, was put back into ser­vice. Two canal bridges, in a bad state of repair, threatened to collapse and drown a nearby village; they had to be repaired.

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